Ed van der Zee, Commercial Advertising Manager, Volvo Classic Magazine, of the Netherlands, has provided an English translation of a spectacular Volvo adventure that took place last summer.  90+ vintage Volvos drove from the Netherlands to Moscow and returned by ship from Helsinki.   All of the colour photographs presented here are with the permission of Ed.  The monochrome images were scanned from the October 2000 issue of Volvo Classic Magazine (VCM).

In our last issue of VCM you were told about our problems. We never
did foresee the amount of participants... over 90 cars.. “No talking lets
start rolling” was our motto.
"Murphy’s Law" what can go wrong will go wrong, several meetings passed
on, the organising team was left in disgust. Should we be taking two
auto ambulances or three? Is 400 Kg of spare parts enough, and this
one small part?..... forgotten !!
How will we travel, one big group or two?....Nightmares started to occur.
In May we had the first technical meetings, all 90 competing cars had
to pass(a safety inspection)twice.
The first time only advice was given, second time (29 of July at Volvo
HQ in Beesd) it should be OK or ...  a "no go" was given by our
In May, June and July all participants were invited for the bible to
Moscou part 1,2 and 3...
The whole route was driven by Hugo vd berg and every Hotel was tried,
all parking spaces seen.
Was it safe enough? Did the local police agree to help? What possible
crime scenarios could we think of?
Embassies, the diplomats, local authorities, all were informed....
It’s all in the past now...
We’ve come back, lots of stories to be told, Man and (Volvo) Machine
once more managed to amaze me....
I’m going to give you the story now, day by day...


Note: Volvo Holland provided 3 new V70 T5 station wagons, spare parts and mechanics to ensure the trip was a success.

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