VCOA National Meet - 2005
Kansas City, MO - September 16-18

Entrance at Parkville Show Site

Mats demonstrates Haldex AWD
1953 PV444 "E"
VCNA 1953 PV444 "E"

VCNA P1900

Another view of P1900

Rear view of P1900

P1900 B14A motor

The other side

P1900 Interior


PV4 4 cylinder engine

PV4 interior

Southern Platte Hook and Ladder

Mats in the gondola

Going up!

Great photo op - PVs to left!

VCNA cars and 1800s behind tent

More 1800s and the Amazons

Parkville Market and College

Parkville Boutiques and Restaurants

Hello down there!

Water Cannon and Missouri River

Parkville Market and the facilities!

Back to Earth!

First place 1800 S

Another nice 1800 E

Lii and son's parts
Thank you to VCOA Heart of America Chapter, Superior Volvo North, Volvo Cars of North America, Haldex and the many other sponsors  

Images Compliments of  Cameron Price