9th and 10th week of restoration & inspection        NEXT - post safety inspection refinements, fix overheating

Work during this period involved the reassembly of the front brakes, fenders, front section, bumper and installing of cosmetic parts.  I needed to patch some holes in the passenger side of the trunk and used this opportunity to clean and de-rust the rear cross member and spare tire well.  I felt confident about passing the Ontario safety inspection, so I booked my appointment.

Another interesting parallel occurred during this chapter in the restoration project.  September 1st and 2nd was the 45th anniversary of the public premiere of the 122 Amazon, in Örebro, Sweden (1956).  I wondered if Jan Wilsgaard, the Volvo designer of the Amazon, realized 45 years ago how popular his creation would be?   The official North American launch occurred at the International Auto Show, in New York in April 1959, so my Amazon appears to be in the first batch of  122s sold in the USA and Canada.

I worked almost full time the week following Labour Day, preparing for the safety inspection.  60AMAZON passed the Ontario safety inspection on Thursday, September 6th.  That day I drove my 1960 Amazon for the first time.
1. At garage for safety
2. On hoist
from rear
3. John
works on emergency 
4. Installing clamp
5. Drive with my wife Joan
6. First impressions of my 122-S

Thursday, September 6th:  After a full week putting the Amazon back together, I was ready for the compulsory Ontario safety inspection.  The resulting certificate is required before the car could be legally driven on the roads.  To my satisfaction, the Amazon passed without any defects.  John, the mechanic, commented that he hasn't seen a 122 in the Ottawa area for over 10 years.  He was amazed with the condition of the car, especially the under carriage.  I speculate that the original owner applied a thick covering of undercoat when the car was new.

The first drive in my Amazon was really unique and nostalgic.  It has been 22 years since I've driven a 122.  I previously owned a 1965 P130 , with a B18D engine and front disk brakes.  The B16B has noticably less power, yet the feel is almost identical to my first 122.  I have only done a rough adjustment on the SU carburetors and I haven't yet checked the engine timing.   During my first drive, I heard a strange noise coming from the drive shaft, which I hope only turns out to be the rubber cushions in the drive shaft support bearing.  In addition, the water pump is making a bearing noise and this needs to be replaced.

I have located a rubber drive shaft bushing and have ordered a water pump from NAPA/UAP.  I have started detailing the engine compartment and fixing any obvious cosmetic deficiencies.  With winter approaching, I will be getting ready for the storage of my car.  There is a Volvo meeting on September 15th, so I plan to drive the Amazon there and get some pictures of other Ottawa vintage Volvos.

Parts Needed:
B16B water pump
Amazon front fender emblems - now have part (658394) Amazon-S and possible source in Michigan
1960 P120 Amazon glove tray manual
Instrument cluster, speedometer cable
6 Volt Volvo clock (replaces ash tray in dash)
All pre-B18 122-S parts welcome

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