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After solving the engine overheating problem, I had a chance to drive my Amazon more frequently.  My patient wife Joan has really enjoyed riding in this car and one of our first excursions together was to Dairy Queen - a chance to reminisce the simple things we did in the '60s.

I have known that the water pump needed replacing since I first started the B16 in July.  The bearing noise was very apparent, but it was impossible to find a less expensive rebuilt water pump.  The existing water pump had a chunk out of the pulley, hence the casting was not reusable.  Over the Internet I was able to locate a used water pump and ironically, I was making a trip to Santa Monica in mid-October, where Randy lives.  I brought the casting back to Canada and had it rebuilt.  The following illustrates the acquisition, rebuild and reinstallation.  I decided to put the 2 blade fan on the pump, since this was original equipment on the 1960 B16B.

Here's the pictures:
1. Randy, pump in
Santa Monica
2. Rebuilt
3. Painted
with 2
blade fan
4. Old pump,
chunk missing
5. Painted and ready
for install
6. Done, ready to fire up!

On November 1st, I am traveling to the Netherlands to visit Ed, who is a great friend and owner of a 1961 Amazon.  Ed has arranged a trip to many Volvo establishments in Holland.  I'll finish this year's commentary with images and recollections of my upcoming trip.

Parts Needed:
B16B water pump - 4 7/16" pump to pulley height
Amazon front fender emblems - now have part (658394) Amazon-S
1960 P120 Amazon glove tray manual - acquired copy
Instrument cluster, speedometer cable - next year's project
6 Volt Volvo clock (replaces ash tray in dash)
All pre-B18 122-S parts welcome

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