Third week of restoration & inspection                   NEXT - finish brake inspection & refurbish
1. B16B Engine 
2. Puller on drum 
3. Drum removed 
4. Right brake 

This week, I acquired many needed parts from Rob.  These included a 4 bladed fan and rebuilt SU H4 carburetors, plus many 6V electrical parts that will act as spares.  Rob graciously parted with a temperature gauge, heater and wiper motor, and 8 fantastic hub caps.   I purchased a speedometer cable from e-bay.  Also, I will be getting a gold letter "L" to match the existing hood letters.

Saturday, July 21st:  I replaced the original leaking SU H4s with Rob's.  These ran smoothly and have all linkages now intact and functioning.  The battery is still weak, so I decided to replace the starter.  Since I had the intake manifold off, the starter was accessible.  Unfortunately, the B16 engine oil filter must be removed when replacing the starter.  I painted the exhaust manifold the production black, using Lockwood heat paint.

Sunday, July 22th:  I jacked up the rear axle, installing two axle jacks for safety.  Using Ron's drum puller, I finally removed the right rear drum.  When I received the final "pop" it brought back fond memories.  I haven't worked so hard in 25 years, but it was worth the effort.  Next, I will replace the brake linings and I have a wheel cylinder repair kit to install.

Possible colour scheme:
Rubinred (46) with a Grey-beige (51) roof

Parts Needed:
SU H4 fast idle cam & shaft
6 Volt battery
Trunk rubber seal
Hood rubber seals
6 Volt lights, components, etc....
All pre-B18 122-S parts welcome

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More to come.......                   NEXT - finish brake inspection & refurbish