Seventh week of restoration & inspection        NEXT - complete front brakes and repair/install front nose piece

All electrical faults have been corrected and the front brakes were dismantled.  The front section (grill holder) was removed for repair and/or replacement and the headlight pots were cleaned and patched.  The front brake cylinders were bought and a source of front flexible brake lines was found.

Tuesday/Wednesday, August 14-15th:  The minor electrical faults turned out to be poor grounds on the front bulkhead, grease in the front connection block and fixing the wires on the brake switch and left high beam wire.  Even the dome light works, although the bulb is 12 volt!

Saturday, August 18th:  The left front brake was dismantled.  Although the brake parts were clean and new shoes were recently installed, the brake cylinder was in poor shape.  Fortunately, I acquired a pair of new brake cylinders last week on speculation, so these will be used.  The flexible brake hose had surface cracks so must be replaced.  These seem to be readily available in Ottawa, so have been ordered.

The front section had a rusty patch, below the left headlight (see 1 below).  I decided to remove this piece, so that the repair or replacement could be made and expose the front bulkhead and cross member for inspection and cleaning.  Everything looks solid, so I'll clean an rust treat all front exposed parts.
1. Rust 
2. Missing
front section
3. Rusty
4. Cross 
5. Ready 
for POR

Sunday, August 19th:  I removed the front horns, grommets and hood release levers, then thoroughly cleaned the front bulkhead, cross member and removed both headlight pots.   Although the headlight pots had surface rust and some small holes, I decided to keep these units.  New pots are still available for the 122 and PV 544, either in metal or plastic.  All parts were de-greased and cleaned in preparation for a treatment of the antitrust POR-15 treatment.  The steps include in this process:

The following pictures were shot after the silver POR-15 was applied - better than new!
1. Just like
new again!
2. Cover plate
& front cross 
3. Front section 
& headlight pots
4. Clean

Parts Needed:
Front signal rubber boot, smaller than 1962 122-S
Amazon front fender emblems
SU H4 fast idle cam & shaft
6 Volt battery
Trunk rubber seal - on order from Vintage Import Parts
Hood rubber seals - on order from Vintage Import Parts
Gas cap rubber seal - on order from Vintage Import Parts
Front mud flaps - on order from Vintage Import Parts
Hood rubber button set - on order from Vintage Import Parts
Rubber upper suspension bushings - on order from Vintage Import Parts
Emergency brake cables - on e-bay
1960 P120 Amazon glove tray manual
6 Volt lights, components, etc....
All pre-B18 122-S parts welcome

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More to come.......        NEXT - complete front brakes and repair/install front nose piece